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Off-Campus Living empowers students to build connections on and off campus, and live with intent.

Off-Campus Living (OCL) provides opportunities for interaction, integration, and enrichment for off-campus students in order to provide an environment, on and off campus, that develops community and promotes good relationships between University students and surrounding neighborhoods. We provide a variety of services and programs intended to meet the practical, social, and advocacy needs of commuter students. These programs include:

OCL is here to help you navigate any challenges, transitions, or questions you have.

OCL staff are working hybrid at this time with some in person and some remote work but are still active and available to meet with you virtually, by phone, email or in person based on your comfort level.


17 Appleby Hall

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Main Office: 612-626-5213

Program Director: 612-625-8939

Student Advisor staff: 612-626-5301

Fax: 612-626-6214

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Kendre Turonie | Off-Campus Living Program Director

Started at the U of M: 2003

Education: University of Florida, B.S. Magazine Journalism
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Higher Education and Education Administration coursework

What I Love About My Job: I love the energy students bring to the neighborhoods and the amazing things they do to impact the community in positive ways while they are here.

Fun Fact About Me: I am fascinated by severe weather and tornados and am a huge fan of Harry Potter, Shark Week and the Sharknado series.

Email turon001@umn.eduPhone 612-625-8939
yusuf headshot.JPG

Yusuf Khairulhuda | Commuter Advisor

Major: Product Design

Hobbies: I'm big on photography and video editing, music production, traveling, writing stories, and building model kits.

Fun Facts: As a kid, I repeatedly watched some animated movies to the point where I memorized them. I could recite How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, and Madagascar 2 by heart.

Email khair013@umn.eduPhone 612-626-5213

Yasmeen Iman Junaidi Ja'afar | Liaison Advisor

Major: Economics


Fun Facts About Me:

Email junai011@umn.eduPhone 612-626-5213

Annie McGuire | Renter Ed/Apartment Liaison Advisor

Major: Developmental Psychology with Sociology minor


Fun Facts:

Email mcgui480@umn.eduPhone 612-626-5213

Student Staff

staff photo fall retreat 2021.jpg

We Are Hiring For Spring 2023!

Check out our job descriptions for current open positions. You can apply directly through the online postings at the Student Employment website. We consider our office a pretty great place to work. You get the opportunity to do real project management through our positions and create positive change on and near our campus. All positions will transition to remote work should the campus change modalities through the year. All positions are eligible for work study if you have it. Any questions, please contact Kendre Turonie or call her at 612-625-8939.

Neighborhood Liaison (1 opening)

Apartment Liaison (1 opening)

Current Staff

Communication Liaisons

Neighborhood Liaisons

Apartment Liaisons

Renters Education Liaisons

Commuter Connection Co-Chairs

Commuter Engagement Liaisons


Current Projects

Off Campus Community Engagement

Students sometimes forget they are a part of a larger community. Through OCCE, we connect with neighborhood associations around the U of M to identify projects in the neighborhood that could use student assistance. This program aims to improve the relationship between the community and off-campus students and give students opportunities to engage in the community. Students find themselves at neighborhood cleanups, community events, and community gardens. Students are able to meet their neighbors and vice versa. For more information or if you are interested in volunteering in your community, email our office (

Greater Dinkytown Initiative

GDI is a partnership with the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association, the Dinkytown Business Alliance, Preserve Historic Dinkytown and community stakeholders to impact the future of Dinkytown and increase the vitality, engagement and economic viability of the area. We work with stakeholders and students to better the existing rich history of Dinkytown. The Greater Dinkytown area has been going through a lot of change in recent years, and it is our goal to adapt to that change. The GDI project is an all-encompassing project that is made up of small objectives, such as asset mapping, educating folks on the ABCD business model, and connecting the University’s Engagement Plan to the area. Contact our office ( for more information.

General Safety

This initiative is centered on creating safety/crime reports of campus and nearby neighborhoods. We create a monthly “safety report” to put up on our website with the statistics regarding crime from the last month and suggestions on how to avoid being a victim of common crimes. This project works closely with police to be informed and presenting our statistics without any biases..Contact our office ( for more information..

Como Cookout

Como cookout is a large-scale outdoor BBQ with live music, free food and fun activities to welcome back students into the neighborhoods, hosted at Van Cleve Park each September. The event is held each year in the fall and is organized by Off-Campus Living, SE Como Improvement Association, and Van Cleve Park. Check out our Facebook page for pictures of these events, and look out for our 2022 Como Cookout!

Pack & Give Back

Over 100,000 lbs have been diverted from landfills and given back to students. P&GB encourages students to start packing early and identify reusable items to donate with the goal to reduce the trash piles on the boulevards upon move out and increase sustainability. A University partnership operates a Free Store each fall during Welcome Week and the first week of class with items collected May to August on campus and in the neighborhoods. Contact our office ( for more information.

Apartment Outreach

Our staff is excited to conduct information sharing meetings with property managers to help them access University resources and identify areas of collaboration. For more information or to schedule a meeting, contact

Restorative Justice Community Action (RJCA)

Students who receive a livability citation (minor consumption, disorderly conduct, social host, public urination, etc) are able to get their misdemeanor ticket deferred by participating in a circle process to repair the harm to the community. Find out if you are eligible or volunteer to be a community participant by contacting RJCA at 612-756-0780. Our liaisons participate as community members and promote this opportunity across campus. We also host participants for community service within our office through the program. Contact our office ( for more information.

Organics Recycling and Composting

Liaisons are sharing information with student renters about how to enroll in the City of Minneapolis Organics Recycling program and also reaching out to local apartment complexes to see if they want to offer a program as well. Contact for more information.

Commuter Engagement

Our staff work to do outreach to commuter students both through our monthly newsletters but also through in person programming opportunities (when its safe to do so, virtual programs are hosted currently) as well as through a mentoring program. Our Commuter Connection student organization hosts an interactive and dynamic discord board for commuter students to connect with each other and get questions answered peer to peer about commuting successfully.

Contact our office ( for more information.

Roommate Finder & Renter Education Outreach

When considering renting, there's a lot of to learn. Students can attend workshops, utilize our roommate finder tool and connect through the Housing group on FB to find opportunities, sublets or roommates. We have some housing videos uploaded to YouTube to help international students who may not be able to tour properties in person with more to come in the future. We also co-host the Off-Campus Housing Fair each fall to help students connect with area property managers looking to fill space for the following year.

Have questions? Contact for more information.