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U Cook We Eat

U Cook We Eat... an interactive, recurring community cooking event that

takes place several times a semester and is geared towards

teaching students about the food budgeting, nutrition, how

to prepare meals and successfully meal plan for a week. Join us

Nov. 17, 5:30pm-7pm in person at Van Cleve Park and on zoom. We are

making Garlic Pasta and Cheese Potato Bake.

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What is Community Cooking?

  • Everyone comes together in a community engaging environment to cohesively prepare meals while learning about nutrition.
  • The Community Cooking Club is a participant-driven, experimental cooking class that engages the public in preparing and eating food together.
  • The Community Cooking Club often features recipes from guest artists, authors and educators who have a passion for community-centered cooking and eating.

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Why Should I Participate?

Join If You Enjoy Any of the Following:

  • Cooking
  • Fun
  • Games
  • Music
  • Learning
  • Meeting New People
  • Engaging Experiences

Event Dates 2022

November 17: Garlic Pasta and Cheesy Potato Bake

Project Goal:

Provide students with the opportunity and resources to learn virtually about food insecurity on campus, the value of nutrition, new cooking skills, and recipes; while simultaneously engaging with the University community by utilizing the provided resources to make nutritious meals. The long term goal is for all resources concerning food, groceries, and healthier eating being made more available and acknowledged to students, as well as solving concerns of those regarding food availability and security.


If you give a person a fish they eats for a day. If, instead, you teach a person to fish, they will eat for an eternity. At U Cook We Eat, we give people fish while teaching them how to fish.