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Unit Condition & Damages

Be sure to inspect the actual unit you will rent before you sign the lease if possible.

  • You can request for specific items to be repaired/replaced before you move in if you and the management agree to it (then write it on the actual lease with a completion date and have both parties initial it on the lease, i.e. replace carpet in living room by Sept. 1, 2018).
  • Upon move-in, you should document the condition of the unit in great detail. Your manager may provide a room condition form. If they don’t, you can use a generic one (found in resource packet: SLS Tenant Resource Guide) , or list any damages in writing to your property manager.
  • It is also very helpful to take pictures upon move in as well. Be sure to provide a copy to your manager and keep a copy for yourself of any condition forms or information you fill out.
  • If friends or family help you move in, point out the damages or concerns to them, they can be a witness should the issue go to housing court.

Repair Requests

Your lease should indicate how repair requests are to be submitted. Most management companies have an online option. Some use phone. Online or email requests (or written) are best so you can keep a record of your requests. Requests placed by phone or verbally can be hard to document should you need to challenge something in housing court.

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311 and Housing Inspectors

If your property manager is not responding to your repeated requests for repairs, you can call 311 in Minneapolis to request a housing inspector to assist you or fill out In St. Paul you contact 651-266-8989 or to report a property maintenance complaint.

  • Inspectors come out to your location and look over the entire property for any violations of the housing code.
  • They contact the property owner and set up a timeline for any ordered repairs and come to reinspect the property after the deadline.
  • If your landlord doesn’t respond to the Inspector’s orders, they might be fined. You would also want to involve University Student Legal Service at this point to help you if the repairs are still not done.
  • Here’s what the inspectors look for in Minneapolis and in St. Paul