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This page provides information on the off-campus neighborhoods, resources for finding a place, and the differences between housing types.

Check out our page on renter education for more in-depth opportunities for learning.

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Neighborhood Info

The majority of our undergraduates choose to rent in the east bank neighborhoods of Minneapolis: Marcy-Holmes, SE Como and Prospect Park. Other nearby neighborhoods include Cedar Riverside and Seward by the west bank as well as Falcon Heights, St. Anthony Park and Roseville by the St. Paul campus. Other neighborhoods that are an easy commute include those in Northeast Minneapolis and even Uptown (though it is pricier).

Neighborhood Map

East Bank Neighborhoods

Marcy-Holmes (

SE Como (

Prospect Park (

West Bank Neighborhoods

Cedar-Riverside (

Seward (

St. Paul Campus Area Neighborhoods

Other Nearby Areas

Northeast Minneapolis:

Light Rail

Find A Place

University Affiliated Resources

We strongly encourage you to utilize the Off Campus Listing Service through the University. While it does not screen landlords on the list, it does prevent landlords with three or more unresolved or substantiated issues with Student Legal Services to participate. Learn more about the Off Campus Housing Program Policy.

Off Campus Housing Listing Service (Housing & Residential Life resource)

Housing Facebook Group (within U of M network, facilitated by OCL Staff) It's a hidden group, so email us with your FB name to let us know you would like to be added, and like the Off-Campus Gopher page first so we can add you from there.

Additional Resources

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Houses Vs. Apartments



  • Independent living
  • Can have larger gatherings
  • Option of garage or parking space
  • Own yard for grilling, games
  • Easier to have pets if wanting to adopt or foster (if allowed)
  • Lots of storage space
  • Often cheaper rent than apts


  • May need to do yard care
  • If no parking spaces allotted, parking can be tight
  • Large gatherings draw police
  • Non-student neighbors may have higher standard for property upkeep and behavior so make good choices
  • House theft common
  • Usually have to pay higher utilities (heat loss in old homes)



  • No yard care
  • Many units are furnished near campus
  • Can include study rooms, gym, convenience stores, tanning
  • Utilities usually included in rent
  • Often student neighbors


  • Theft from autos parked on street is common
  • Smaller gatherings, no big get-togethers
  • Less parking for friends
  • Often restrictions on decorating
  • Less storage space
  • Often higher rent, paying for extra amenities