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Community Gardens

Community gardens are present throughout the Off-Campus neighborhoods at the University of Minnesota. Student volunteers, neighbors, and organization members work together to beautify spaces with flowers and native plants and provide resources for pollinators. In the food garden plots, neighbors work together to share labor and resources to grow fresh foods that are shared by the community who are members and/or rent a plot.

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SE Como

Whether you have never gardened before or you have a green thumb, everyone is welcome to help with the gardens! Gardening days start each Spring and are published in their weekly newsletter and website.


Diverter Rain Garden

15th Ave & Talmage Ave SE

Through a combined community effort, this garden was created in 2020. This garden is a beautiful addition to our city and will filter thousands of gallons of water going into our ecosystem. Volunteers aid in the planting of native flowers that support our local pollinators.

Accord Native Garden

15th Ave & Como Ave SE in Van Cleve Park

Volunteers meet at the area between Van Cleve and 15th. The garden is planted with native plants which provide habitat and food to pollinators and other wildlife. 90% of flowering plants and 75% of our food crops depend on pollinators like bees, butterflies and birds.

If you are interested in getting involved in the rain gardens, please contact Lila Smith.


South Side of 21st Ave & Talmage Ave SE

The garden is planted with native perennial flowers and grasses to bloom spring to fall. We provide habitat and sustenance to wildlife, leaving stems standing through the winter, and waiting to trim stalks until spring. And, a new garden is in the works at Talmage Crossing! The environment committee is working with Metro Blooms and the City to install a rain garden next to Talmage.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Lila Smith.


SE corner of Como Ave. and 13th Ave. SE

This small native plant garden just outside the fence of the Marshall Field Baseball Diamond is dedicated to our state Bee, the endangered Rusty Patched Bumble Bee. SECIA schedules gardening days from the end of April through September. Other gardening days involve weeding and digging out invasive plants and trees, or working to reestablish pathways. You will find yourself amongst the blossoms surrounded by happy bees and butterflies that appreciate your work along with passing neighbors!

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Lila Smith.

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22nd Ave & Como Ave SE

This garden is a volunteer supported “park” that provides a restful spot for bikers, bus riders, and neighbors! Originally an overgrown vacant lot that was mostly owned by the railroad, Como Corner is now a beautiful perennial flower garden and community meeting place. There is lots of history in this garden and new exciting developments happening as well. The Como Corner gardeners meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays evenings from 6:30 to sundown and occasionally have special events as well. See the SECIA Event Calendar for more information!

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Susanne Maeder.


22nd Ave and Fairmount Aves SE

Looking for a place to get your hands dirty this spring, summer, and fall? There are still openings at FairShare Farm in the SE Como neighborhood. FSF is a member-only vegetable garden. In 2022,  work sessions are held on Monday and Thursday evenings and  Saturday mornings from spring until freeze-up in the fall. There are no individual plots, we garden communally, sharing the work and the produce. It's a great place to learn about gardening if you are a new gardener and also a great place to share your knowledge if you are an experienced gardener. All are welcome, but you need to move fast because space is becoming limited. 

Questions: email or call 612-623-3562 and leave a message. You can also check out or our FB page at FairShare Farm Community Garden. Signup links are there and in SE Como's monthly e-newsletter, E-Comotion.  

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Marcy Holmes


Since 2007, volunteers have adopted one of Marcy Holmes' 18 corners, "bump-out" flower gardens along historic 5th Street SE each season. Through joint efforts of the Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association (MHNA), nearby property owners, and a group of local volunteers, these gardens have bloomed beautifully over the years.

If you are interested in adopting a bump garden in 2020, please contact Chris Lautenschlager, MHNA Executive Director.


The Sixth Avenue Greenway connects the Stone Arch Bridge and Mississippi Riverfront with the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood and destinations like Café Alma. With its native wildflowers and grasses and bronze sculptures of historic, local features, this vital greenway models how wildlife-friendly plantings help us care for our Mississippi River and how nature, history, and art together give our community distinct character.

This project provides a lively opportunity for neighbors to get to know each other and brighten a prominent entry for people walking and cycling the Stone Arch Bike Boulevard and Mississippi River Trail.

Sign up to care for native grasses and wildflowers, and learn about nature nearby.

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Prospect Park


We provide a safe and peaceful environment where homeowners and renters can apply their gardening skills and take pride in growing their own food and flowers. While doing so we will be enhancing the neighborhood visually and environmentally by developing underutilized land into green space. See the PPCG website.

Contact: Farmer Del (Del Hampton)