Off Campus Living

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Longer Volunteering Opportunities

The Center for Community-Engaged Learning (CCEL) offers advising to students and student groups and helps them to find organizations related to their interests, values, and perspectives to volunteer outside of the University of Minnesota. These opportunities are often semester long or longer term or related to service learning classes.

All you need is just complete the small 5 steps and then start your experience as a volunteer:

  1. Fill out the volunteer interest form. **If you can't see the form you need to log into your UofM account. You can open another tab and log into your UofM account and then refresh this tab. If you are logged into other gmail accounts, you might also have to log out of those accounts. **
  2. Schedule an appointment with an advisor. Once you submit the form you will be prompted with a calendar link.
  3. Attend your advising appointment.
  4. Contact the organizations you learned about in your appointment.
  5. Volunteer!

(information shared from CCEL's website)


Community Partner Organizations

Here you can see the map of many organization in the Greater Twin Cities which provides opportunities to volunteer.

Map of many organizations!

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Please note that inclusion of an organization on this list does not indicate endorsement by the University of the organization's mission, practices, views, or information included in the organization's linked websites.

Please visit CCEL website for more information.