Non-Compliance Properties

Public Listings

  • CA Ventures/Identity Dinkytown
  • Minneapolis Rental Property Group, LLC (also known as MRPG)
  • Millennium Management
  • Prime Place (rebranded as The Arrow Apartments)

Properties, once placed on this list for a year, will remain on the list until they request reinstatement and can demonstrate they have had a 6 month minimum of no unresolved or substantiated complaints with Student Legal Services.

(The Arrow Apartments and Millennium Management have both requested reinstatement and are undergoing review currently)

Should you decide to rent from a landlord on the list, we want you to be your own best advocate. Some advice:

  • See the actual unit you will rent before you sign the lease. Note any agreed upon repairs (with a deadline of the lease start date) directly on the lease before the tenants and management sign the lease. Each party should initial each agreed upon repair.
  • Upon move-in, make detailed notes of the condition of the unit (share a copy with the landlord) and also take photos to keep should you need them later as proof.
  • Keep copies of all paperwork such as your lease, move in notes, photos, repair requests, etc. in a folder so you don't lose them.
  • Upon move-out, clean the unit better than you found it and take photos of any issues and to document the condition you left the unit in. Keep these as you may need them when you receive the security deposit and explanation of withholdings back. Contact Student Legal Service before you deposit any refund check if you feel any withholdings are not warranted. Keep the postmarked envelope too. Bring your folder with your detailed move-in and move out notes, photos, deposit return letter, envelope and your lease, when you meet with Student Legal Service.

U of M Off Campus Housing Program Policy

updated 12-18-23


Area Property Managers/Property Owners and the University of Minnesota share the common goal of making affordable, quality housing opportunities available to University students. To promote this goal, the University and Property Managers/Property Owners agree to the conditions outlined below for participation in University programs including but not limited to the Off-Campus Listing Service and the Off-Campus Housing Fair.

Off Campus Housing Program Policy Statement

By offering properties for rent, a property manager and/or owner represents that the properties they lease comply with applicable local, state, and federal law, including municipal housing maintenance codes, all local rental registration or licensing requirements, and manager screening requirements. The University may refuse to allow advertising and participation in programs, and may add the property to the non-compliance list and de-list any properties on the off campus listing service, when the University becomes aware of chronic code violations, repeated unresolved tenant complaints involving the Property Manager/Property Owner, or the absence, loss, or revocation of a rental license or registration.

The University will maintain a public list of any property management company or property owner that would be refused participation in University programs based on any of the circumstances listed below, regardless of whether the property management company or property owner has applied to participate in any University program(s). This public listing will be hosted on the Off-Campus Living Website and will include individual names, company names, and property names of those not in compliance with this policy. Prior to any listing, the University will provide notice of the intent to list the property management company or property owner and an opportunity to contest the determination that the listing should occur.

A Property Manager/Property Owner who is in non-compliance with the provisions of this policy shall not be permitted to participate in any University Programs for a period of 12 months. The Property Manager/Property Owner may be removed from the non-compliance list if the Property Manager/Property Owner satisfies the University that the problems with tenant complaints and/or regulatory services issues have been resolved, no additional violations to this policy have occurred within the past 6 months, and the relationship with the University and University students has improved.

The inclusion on the public list of any property management company or property owner is not a determination as to whether a property management company or property owner is necessarily ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or whether a student should or should not rent from a particular property management company or property owner. Rather, the University wishes to be transparent about its knowledge with respect to interactions between its students and property management companies and property owners so that its students also have that knowledge when making housing decisions.

The University offers several programs to anyone who has a property in the seven-county metro area, including but not limited to the Off-Campus Listing Service and Off-Campus Housing Fairs. The University reserves the right to refuse to allow Property Managers/Property Owners and their properties to take part in such University programs and advertise at University events. The University reserves the right to add any or all of the Property Manager’s/Property Owner’s properties to the University’s public non-compliance list and to de-list any or all participating properties. The University may exercise these rights when one of the following items occurs:

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Right to Refuse - Reason 1

1. The Property Manager/Property Owner has had three or more substantiated or unresolved tenant complaints filed with University Student Legal Services (USLS) within the previous twelve-month period. A complaint is considered substantiated if it results in a court decision granting a remedy to the tenant, and is considered unresolved if the Property Manager/Property Owner has not made a good faith effort to respond to and or settle the complaint with USLS or tenant.

Right to Refuse - Reason 2

2. The University is aware that the Property Manager/Property Owner has been included on the City of Minneapolis’s “Good Cause List” provided by the City of Minneapolis Department of Regulatory Services.

Right to Refuse - Reason 3

3. The Property Manager/Property owner has a revoked or inactive rental license in their respective municipality or is not licensed or registered. A current rental license (or local rental registration) is required to participate in University Programs. For a property that is under construction or renovation, the property must be issued a rental license or local registration by the original lease start date.

Right to Refuse - Reason 4

4. The University is aware of misrepresentation(s) by the Property Manager/Property Owner to the University or related University Program(s).